Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 months sum up

Hello bloggers! Its been a while since the last time we meet, ait? Well, kerjaya sebagai seorang guru pelatih di tahun akhir sememangnya benar-benar membuatkan diri ini sibuk 24 jam 7 hari seminggu. Exam is around the corner and 7th Semester will be over just 2 weeks from now. And here it goes 8th Semester, last sem, last year, FAREWELL! Horrayyyy! 

I don't want to mention it, but since idk what to write here, so I will sum up all the things that had happen to me since 3 months ago. and... here it goes!

1. I have completed my 3rd phase practicum at SK. Bukit Quoin, Tawau for 3 months.
2. I have done my Action Research intervention at school and now I don't know how to calculate the data. seriously? Dead meat!
3. I involved in a small car accident which is stupid fate but I'm not gonna regret it.hehe~
4. I thought he was the one, but actually it was a simple mistake. 
5. I have found the love of my life and currently in love.
6. I learn how to be a part-time mechanics. I am a new car expert now. ngee~
7. I bought new Samsung smart phone and I'm thinking to upgrade it to S4. hehew~
8. I turn to the age of 2* on Feb 22nd. It feels like... old? teeettt~~ 
9. I realize that a friend like "you" is a backstabber. 
10. I gain few kilos due to my eating habits and now I'm thinking to start dieting again. ==''

Eemmm.. arrrrr.... errrrr.... hurmm.. ba wanna do some *revision for now. Good luck to all my batch-mates for the coming exams. Till we meet again. xoxo!


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